Healing Therapy


I'm Dana and I am so grateful to be able to integrate my gifts as a Stylist, Ritual Guide, Meditation Writer, and Reiki Practitioner, to offer unique experiences to the salon that bridge the gaps between spiritual practices, energy work, holistic healing, and self care routines. 


It's my pleasure to hold sacred space for the ones in my chair. I acknowledge the needs and integrity of the hair as well as the deep unspoken needs of the heart and I find it so rewarding to guide others back home to their wholeness and highest self.

My intention is for you to leave your unique healing experience feeling empowered, more in alignment with your most authentic self, and confident in recreating powerful rituals and retreats for yourself at home.  

If you love the meditations we do in the salon together, you will love my newest passion project, Moonbeam Meditations! Enjoy Moondrops (mp3 links) of guided meditations released on every New and Full Moon! Between releases, members can enjoy exclusive posts that honor our healing journeys. 

Thank you for visiting my website and if you feel like my offerings are in alignment with you, I invite you to book a reading. I look forward to seeing you!

So much love,


Guided Meditations + Mindfulness Mantras + Chakra Chants

The Moonbeam Meditations Membership is now live on Patreon!


It is my deepest intention that these guided meditations, mantras, and chants provide peace and healing while creating a safe space for self discovery, spirituality, and expansive consciousness. I am deeply honored to be your guide.

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Moonbeam Meditations Sample